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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Life Begins @ Thirty

I will never forget my 30th; we were playing a six-night stand at The Yale Hotel on Granville St. in Vancouver, BC. It was a Tuesday - January 28, 1992. Back then the Bloodhounds were as tight as a 2nd coat of paint and in those days, we were one of the few local bands that had the honour of playing the prestigious Yale regularly. You see, at that time, it was mostly American touring acts that played every Monday through Saturday, except for bands like Powder Blues, Jim Byrnes, The R"n"B Allstars, Long John Baldry, and us.

 Anyway, here I am shouting out with great conviction "LIFE BEGINS AT 30" throughout the night. In those days, the staff were like family, and so we were having some late night cocktails (the band and the staff) when one of the older waitresses piked out at me. "Harpdog, I have a bone to pick with you".  I was all ears as she explained how all night long she had to listen to me spoutin' off about how life begins at 30 blah blah blah"......I said, "'s your point?"  She smiled and said, "well, you're see life actually begins at 40, the dress rehearsal starts at 30."  I can't tell you how much I loved that! I instantly began thinking how, in our first 20 years on earth, we pretty well go through all our physical growth. Then for the next decade we pretty well have the opportunity to experience more intellectual growth, spiritual growth, as well as character and personality development, if you will.
So I figure, if we haven't gotten locked in to a particular way of life before we hit 30, the 30's become our "dress rehearsal" - a time of growth that should lead us to know what we like to do; and chances are, we are somewhat gifted at it. Now is the time when life actually begins.....The Big Four-O.  hahaha now you're playing with your own money on the table. Personally, it took the better part of my 40's for me to catch on to what the universe had planned for me to do. Funny how it seems that it has always been clear; however, I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Maybe that's the main lesson here....never to try and rush through life, take your time and pay attention to the writings on the walls of life. Then and only then will you find your Holy Grail, the meaning of life, your true place and purpose. Remember, the first one to the red light gets to stop. So, slow down, enjoy the ride, and find your place in life.

Harpdog Brown
edited by Melodie Collins

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  1. How appropriate a post Harpdog as I'm sitting working on a tribute to my Mum, who is still with us. I know when she passes I won't be in any condition to think of words of praise. She's in her late 80's and getting close to that red light. She always seems to know what's important and what's not. I've been blessed by her presence and will share your story of "dress rehearsa"l with her over the Easter weekend. You've got a great start on your book. Looking forward to many more chapters.